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About Us

What is Change Leader 360

So there’s a change at work, and you need to “run something” with a team, maybe your team or someone else’s.   It’s already so busy, and you really don’t have time for this – but you DO care and want to do something that helps people.

  1. You could spend hours trawling google, watching stuff on you tube and linked in,
  2. design something from scratch
  3. or ring your mates and see what they have done
  4. frantically search through the intranet at work and copy and paste stuff deep into the night

or you could just download the change leader 360 – its not fancy, its not schmancy.  It is a simple, straightforward set of conversations, tools and templates that will help you with this need, right now.   The best thing about that is that it will take no time for you to prepare, and is guaranteed to work as its been used extensively in hundreds of organisations already.

you get –

  1. A Change Leadership assessment which you can send out to leaders right now to self assess and get feedback from others
  2. A debrief guide (its so simple to debrief)
  3. Session plans you can run as single one hour sessions, or bunch together for a day of change learning
  4. Videos showing you step by step how to do everything
  5. Worksheets you can use “as is” or put your logo on (We don’t mind)
  6. Slides ready to load and use
  7. And, if you are working on zoom, teams or other online – you can even use the videos instead of you talking – that’s cool with us
  8. Leadership change tactics booklet – so they have a simple next step
  9. Leader team activities – so the teams get the crucial conversations with their leaders
  10. Templates for change management that walk you through everything from identifying stakeholders to heat maps

This is your Leadership Change Management plan in a box.


Simple.  Effective.  Actionable.  Now.


An easy to use framework identifies 7 change leadership skill sets essential for the leader to deliver change and places a firm focus on the leader’s accountability in that process.

It is also backed up by a comprehensive online change practitioner toolkit for Change Managers and Project Managers tasked with facilitating the change on behalf of the Change Leader.

Change Leader 360 is based on 25 years of experience in leading change projects gained from operational leadership, project management and change management roles together with extensive knowledge gained from the change management and neuroscience fields.

And best of all.  It’s quick to learn, easy to teach and you can be running sessions as early as tomorrow.

What is key in change conversations is creating a scaffold for conversations -not downloads of theories.  That’s good for other times.  Not in the middle of change.

You need it done now? Here is for you.

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